What to do if a dog is electrocuted?

Face such a dangerous factor as electric current, pets can both within the premises, and beyond its borders. Electrical wiring, household appliances present a potential hazard. Most often, electric shock is observed in curious young pets when they bite the wires with their teeth. Less commonly, injuries are recorded when the dog’s body comes into contact with the live parts of machines and units as a result of lightning.

What can be considered a current shock

Electrical injury in animals is the effect of an electrical discharge on the living tissues of the body, as a result of which severe organ dysfunctions, including death, develop. The lesion is both local and general.

The impact of electric current can lead to burns of organs and tissues due to the transformation of electrical energy into heat.

When biting wires in dogs, gums, lips, and tongue are mainly affected. As a result, electric burns develop deep tissue damage associated with a strong short-term increase in local temperature. Edema, hyperemia, tissue hemorrhage occurs, necrosis develops.

Electric shock is more common. Such an impact of a negative factor is associated with its effect on the central nervous system and the heart muscle. On the part of the nervous system, there are processes of arousal and inhibition. When electrical shock is violated electrical conductivity in the muscle tissue of the heart, which often entails a violation of the contractile function of the myocardium and death.

Symptoms and signs

The defeat of the animal by electric discharge is accompanied by the following clinical signs:

  • The animal with a squeal bounces off the power source, tail tail is pressed, whining.
  • When cutting the wires in the gum area, a visible tissue defect is detected – an electro-tag. Immediately after the defeat, the defect has a white-brown color.
  • In the event of damage to other parts of the body, darkening (in rare cases, blackening) of the skin is observed.
  • Mild and medium forms of electrical injury are accompanied by a sharp arousal of a pet or, on the contrary, inhibition of nervous activity.
  • Violation of movement coordination. Gait uncertain, animal disoriented in space. Convulsive twitching of individual muscle groups is observed.
  • In the case of a severe lesion, uneven breathing and a weak pulse are recorded. Perhaps comatose state of the pet.

Knowledge of the clinical signs of electrical injury will help the owner to provide first aid to the affected pet in a timely and competent manner.

Effects of electric shock dogs

The most tragic consequence of an animal electrocution from a device or lightning is death from cardiac arrest or respiration immediately after receiving a stroke. In severe cases, there is a violation of the nervous system, paralysis. Often, at first glance, a lung at first sight, the defeat of an organism with an electric current after some time ends with the death of a pet from pulmonary edema, which has developed as a result of damage to the organ capillary system.

Often, veterinary specialists have noted the appearance of epileptic seizures in dogs affected by a history of electrical injury.

What to do?

Saving a pet from the effects of electric current, the owner must remember about safety. First of all, the circuit should be interrupted. To do this, dressed in rubber gloves, the animal is removed from under the bare wires of the limb.

If there are no special gloves, the wire should be removed from the animal with a dry wooden stick. In other circumstances, injuries to release the pet electrical appliance off from the network or using wire clippers with dielectric handles bite the wire.

After the dog is released from direct contact with the current, it is given such a position that the head is lowered down. A small individual can be carefully lifted by the hind legs, and a large pet should be placed on a slight elevation so that the head is lower than the body. Such manipulation contributes to the flow of blood into the brain and reduces the negative effects of exposure to electric current on the central nervous system.

In the absence of respiratory movements, it is recommended to make several sharp strokes of the palm flat on the chest. In the absence of signs of life, the dog is placed on its right side, its neck is pulled out and resuscitation measures are taken. Per minute produce 20 breaths. Chest massage is performed in the widest part of it. The exposure interval is 1 to 2 seconds. Resuscitation events last 10 – 15 minutes.

It is strictly forbidden to bury a dog in the ground, to carry out any other “folk” means of salvation from electric current.

ВетVet help

After rendering first aid, the owner must deliver the pet to a specialized institution, even if the dog has recovered and does not manifest a pet.