Sinogenic facial pain

What is Sinogenic Facial Pain?

It also includes rhinogenic headache. This is about you, allergy sufferers always sniffing about you, sinus suckers with inflamed sinuses about you. Yes, headaches accompany sinusitis, and not just accompany, and sometimes are their first sign. Especially weak, sluggish.

Often people don’t even know what the problem is, they just have a headache and everything, especially when you bend down to pick something up, tie the laces and “so straight the head splits!” Say the patients. This is not a dull, aching pain in the back of the head, not a pulsating migraine pain, or a bulging eye with cluster pain – this pain is arching. Sometimes you can gently tap in the projection of the proposed sinusitis and get a reasonable response of the patient in response to increased pain.

Types of sinogenic facial pain:

  1. Frontal (frontal) sinus – pain in the forehead, crown and above / behind the eye.
  2. Maxillary sinus – pain in the area of the upper teeth and painters. Often, such patients are brought in by dentists when they check that everything is fine with their teeth.
  3. Etmoiditis – afterburn pain radiating to the temple.
  4. Sphenoiditis – Crown, forehead, orbital part, even the back of the head.


Naturally, it is necessary to treat not so much a headache as its source. First, you need to take a picture of the paranasal sinuses or CT, to assess whether it is necessary to prescribe antibiotics. Then hormones in the nose, regular intensive flushing, NSAIDs and watch the development. With chronic sinusitis, all sorts of polyps and muco-targets – a separate issue.